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Stairway To Hell


An extract from today’s Digital Music News below.

It’s great to see Led Zeppelin continuing their career long defiance, and refusing to play the industry game. Never known for bowing to label pressure, they always insisted on releasing no singles, and never named their albums.

Here’s their next defiant move in the fight against ‘The Man’.

O2 Grabs Zeppelin Mobile Exclusive in Britain

UK-based O2 is now offering the freshly-digitized catalog of Led Zeppelin, another prized exclusive for the mobile operator. The information, which surfaced Thursday, follows a major digitization announcement by the band. It also follows a stateside mobile exclusive involving Verizon Wireless.

But Led Zeppelin is a British band, and that sweetens the O2 deal considerably. “In a country that contains some of the group’s most fervent fans … we are very pleased to be working with O2 to offer for the first time a range of exciting mobile music experiences created from Led Zeppelin’s legendary catalog of recordings,” said David Dorn, vice president of eCommerce at Warner Music Group division Rhino Entertainment.

Those “experiences” include ringtones, OTA downloads, ringback tones, and wallpapers. The exclusive, which lasts through November 12th, comes ahead of a monumental Zeppelin reunion performance at the O2 Arena in London.

Sad really, and does anyone actually believe there’ll only be one show?

October 19, 2007 - Posted by | Music

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