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Noze – Remember Love


Tune of the week? Month? Year?

I know, it was released last year, and the hook is lifted off Technotronic. But i still can’t help but get excited about it every time I hear it.

The reason I’m posting about this track now, is that Noze have a new album on the way. It just landed on my desk this morning. Songs On The Rocks will be released on Get Physical, April 25th. I’ll post more about the album once I can actually settle down and listen to it in full, rather than putting this on constant repeat.



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Where does the time go to?

I’ll tell you where.

1. Minding hyperactive, but unbelievably cute puppies while friends are away.

2. Deadlines!

3. Six Nations rugby.

4. Chasing around after puppies, and generally entertaining them (not to mention myself).

5. Soundchecking for the Choice Music Prize.

6. More deadlines!

7. Making an album.

8. Work. Normal everyday 9-5 work (this does not include deadlines).

9. Gigs in Dublin.

10. Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and worrying about finding the time to do all of the above.

Of all the weeks I wanted to blog, this was it. There is so much happening I don’t know where to start. The Choice Music Prize is this Wednesday. By this time tomorrow I’ll hopefully be sipping from a bottle of the cheapest champagne known to humanity. Thursday night, a rare appearance on the wheels of steel at a secret location – I don’t want anyone showing up to have a laugh at my mixing skills – they probably don’t even call them wheels of steel anymore. Friday night, Menomena in the Sugar Club, one of the best bands on the planet – unmissable! Saturday night, the Irish Blog Awards! How I managed this one I’ll never know. Sunday, I hit New York for 7 days!

So, what has been happening? Well, the 10 points above should be sufficient explanation, but during this time I’ve also learnt a thing or two. Puppies are experts in the art of manipulation. I sound very unhealthy on the radio. I cannot watch the Eduardo tackle. My parents do not understand what a blog is. My inability to use apostrophes correctly, frustrates sleepy people. John Lambert – aka Chequerboard – is set to release an album of immense scope and beauty. Autechre are not, their music has become infuriating. The Black Dog are still flying the flag for mid-nineties electronica – Radio Scarecrow is a welcome trip down memory lane (Ultramack upstairs in The Funnel anyone?). MGMT are charlatans – emperor’s new clothes (is that correct usage of an apostrophe?). Swimming is hard when you’re only learning – woggles are inhibitive! Smoking, and not being able to give up is embarrassing, and also inhibits swimming. Appearing on TV is both petrifying and exciting in equal measures, but oddly amusing and trivial in the grand scheme of things.

I’ve given far too much away, I know. That happens when you’re deprived of access to a very cathartic outlet such as this blog. I’m not one for the personal slant (unless it revolves around music), but I’ll make an exception this time. I’ll hopefully bump into some of you at the events listed above. Or you can merely point and ridicule if you prefer.

And if you don’t believe me about Chequerboard, have a listen here. His music is stunning!

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