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Daedelus – Fair Weather Friends

How cute is this?

To be honest, I can’t take the credit for uncovering it, props to Nolwenn and Jane for unearthing this little gem. Daedelus – yes, correct spelling – is due to play Whelans on April 12th. The guys were looking for interesting live acts to cover, and this seems worthy of a mention. I’ll plead ignorance and admit that this one is new to me. Maybe I’m getting old and losing my touch. Next I’ll be saying that music just doesn’t sound like it used to. The stuff that kids listen to these days, it all sounds like noise to me!
Enjoy, great song and vid.

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Young Galaxy – Come And See

Anyone still interested in Canada or Arts & Crafts?
I’ve been away so maybe the backlash already started in my absence. It’s inevitable really. Actually, here’s a thought, why don’t we get the jump on everybody at SXSW and start it now?
It’s just a shame that it might happen on Young Galaxy’s watch. Still relatively unknown around these parts – criminally – YG actually have alot going for themselves. Is it classic indie, Canuck style? Yes, but the reference points hit all the right spots. There are slices of Spiritualized, pieces of MBV, parts of Mercury Rev, a twist of Galaxy 500, and a dash of a whole host of other indie heavyweights on their self-titled debut album – in all good record stores now. Their new single – Come And See – has just hit the interweb, and should be heading for every indie conscious playlist in April no doubt. Here’s a sneak preview.

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