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Who’s the man? Dan’s the man.

I didn’t get a chance to post about the Caribou gig on Tuesday night in Whelan’s, but Nialler already has a rather fine piece and some pics up. He’s right about the drummer thing too, it’s really interesting to see a drummer front of stage, and the drums being a real feature of the live show. All round nice guy, Dan Snaith wrote and played virtually everything on the new Caribou album, Andorra (he also joined the drummer on several occasions on a stripped down drumkit of his own, very exciting!). It’s a bit of a change in direction from his previous albums, especially his first under the Manitoba moniker. I was a big fan of Start Breaking My Heart, but not so much Up In Flames. The switch to current name Caribou was enforced, after a lawsuit was brought against Snaith by Handsome ‘Dick’ Manitoba (not very punk rock).

Andorra completely caught me off guard. I was not expecting this technicolor, pop-infused psychedelic classic. Nor was I expecting Tom Dunne to play first single, ‘Melody Day’ every night for nearly 6 weeks. So the second single, ‘She’s the One’ was released yesterday. It features a nice Hot Chip remix, but the original is still the best version. City Slang have just popped the video up on their youtube page, here you go.

I’m pleased this track got released as a single, as it features vocals from Jeremy Greenspan, lead singer with Junior Boys, another band I really love. Here’s the best single off their last album on Domino, ‘In The Morning’. This single featured one of my all-time favourite remixes, by Glasgow goldenboy Alex Smoke. Well worth seeking out.

And back to Caribou briefly, here’s an older video for Yeti. It was made by that talented Dublin collective of all round nice guys, Del9.

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