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MES – We salute you!


With regard to the previous post, I’ve just been informed that the legendary Mark E Smith once had a clause put into his contract before appearing on Later with Jools Holland. The clause stated that at no time was Jools allowed to play boogie-woogie piano over any of The Fall songs performed that night. Brilliant! Yet another reason to love the man.

And here is one of the finest, most bizarre MES moments. It’s just a shame that Oxford United lost that day.

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And now, the end is near…..

Due to the festive season it’s been pretty quiet of late over at the Obscure Remix HQ. But over the next few days I’ll try and squeeze out another few posts on my musical highlights of 2007 – as requested by Red (my favourite blog of the year), and a few others. I couldn’t possibly comment on the cinematic highlights of the year, I think I only made it to one movie this year – Control. Surprised?


Zach Condon (Beirut) followed up his fantastic debut, The Gulag Orkester extremely fast, possibly too fast with The Flying Club Cup. Although great, it did not measure up to the emotional and musical high of Gulag. There was however one real gem on FCC, that arguably outshines anything Condon has done so far in his career – Nantes. It illustrates Condon’s talent for songwriting and arranging, and his ability to progress and experiment with new sounds and styles. Basically, it highlights what a precocious young talent Condon is for the future. You have a choice of three versions here. The latest is his performance on Jools Holland with a full band. Thankfully Jools restrained himself from joining in on his honkytonk piano. Wouldn’t you be gutted if you were in a band that got on to Later with Jools – surely a common milestone and dream for many a band – only to find that Jools had requested to play with you. How could you say no? It’s kinda like that time Morrissey and Bowie fell out. Morrissey was supporting Bowie on tour, but at the end of his set each night, Bowie would invite himself onstage and join Morrissey for his last song. Then Bowie would launch into his own set, thus depriving Morrissey of a final applause, and essentially steal Morrissey’s thunder. Morrissey eventually walked out on the tour, no surprise there. I wonder would Arcade Fire have the balls to do the same. Anyway, enjoy Nantes, one of my songs of the year.

Then you have a promo video shot in Brooklyn by the guys over at La Blogotheque. They filmed a different scene for each song off The Flying Club Cup, and it’s rather good.

And finally, my favourite. A street scene, and a seemingly impromptu performance, although it is actually for the Take Away Show. It’s not often you get to see established bands slumming it on the streets, and turning in engaging performances, but this works. I particularily like the drummer, and his use of the recycling bins.

Happy New Year to everybody that visited and commented over the last few months, and all the best for ’08.

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