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Menomena, doo doo, de doo doo

Pesky deadlines have prevented me from posting recently, but that’s all over now, I’m back! Since then, Jape has managed to rack up a rather impressive, thoroughly deserving 3/4’s of a million views on youtube for his new video to accompany the release of Floating. Go on Richie! Well, there’s no point posting that vid now really, but to continue the theme of food, fruit, food fights (nope, still a rather tenuous link) here’s the video for Rotten Hell from the fabulous Menomena. I’ve been screaming about this band for quite some time now. Hell, back in the day when Pedro and I were thinking of starting a label they were one of his first choices (so the credit should go to him). Their latest album Friend and Foe is a complete masterpiece. I must be right about this because Pitchfork said so too and they’re never wrong, it’s been scientifically proven or it’s in the Geneva Convention, I forget which. Enjoy.

I just finished a review of the new Silje Nes album on Fatcat for Totally Dublin, and it’s really lovely. Definitely worth checking out. The album that is, not my review.

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