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No! Stop it Dad. You’re embarrassing me! Part 2

I’ve been up to my eyes, but dying to write some stuff for the last week. I’ll be back soon though, with lots of irrelevant posts.

It’s getting near the end of year poll time too, and my mind is racing already. So many choices! Will it be MIA, will it be Menomena, will it be Matthew Dear, who knows. Watch this space. For now, I’ll leave you with this fine piece of footage that fits rather well beside the Peter Hook post from a few weeks ago. Now that MIA is cancelled, there’s a gap in my diary. And what better way to fill it than Duran Duran on December 5th in the Phoenix Park Marquee. I still remember winning a music quiz in school when I was 9. My teacher granted me one wish, any album I wanted I could have. I went for Seven And The Ragged Tiger by Duran Duran. It was 1984, and The Reflex was unavoidable. The jacket, the video, the water, the glove, the mullets, the remix even! It was like nothing I’d ever seen or heard before. When people talk about great British singles bands, Duran Duran rarely get a mention. Their releases from the 90’s on should be completely disregarded, but up until then you can’t really argue with them (can you?).

Girl’s On Film, Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf, Save A Prayer, Is There Something I Should Know, Planet Earth, Union Of The Snake, The Reflex, Wild Boys, Notorious, and A View To A Kill, all hit singles in the 80’s.

Talking to a friend last night at the Caribou show in Whelan’s (great gig), he tipped me off about what to expect on December 5th. And here it is!

Did they destroy their cred in the 90’s? Did they ever have any? Will they have any after this? Who knows? But I can’t wait, it’ll be hilarious!

So much for the post on why I love Soul Jazz Records so much. That’ll have to wait for another day. Back soon….

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I’m all out of love part 1

 I’ve been so busy for the last week, I haven’t had a chance to write anything here. It’s been non-stop gigs and deadlines, and I’m burnt out! I’m also a drama queen, so the last statement is an exaggeration. I feel like I’m out nearly every night, or there’s an excuse to be out every night, especially with the current crop of live gigs in Dublin. I think I’m all out of love when it comes to gigs, until my liver and/or my wallet recover sufficiently. Saying that, I’ll probably be down at The National tomorrow night. Anybody remember their gig in the Cobblestone all those years ago?

Last week was extremely hectic, probably the busiest of the year. I kicked things off with Arcade Fire on Tuesday night, in the Park. Don’t really know if it was any good, as we were down the back and could neither see or hear the band. These things I do know though.

Beck’s Beer gives you a hangover before you’re drunk.

The visuals looked pretty good, for an indie band.

The drummer seemed to enjoy himself (he was projected onto the backdrop quite frequently, this was all I could see).

The drummer has a tattoo on his right arm, or a large clump of hair (see above).

It was extremely easy to get to and from the Phoenix Park, via the Dublin Bus service (I know, I was shocked too!).

The Bruce Springsteen comparisons are all true.

Wake Up was, is, and always will be an anthem, no matter where Arcade Fire go to from here.

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