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Les Savy Fav – What Would Wolves Do?


Will he ever get tired of posting about this band I hear you say. In truth, probably not. Suffice to say, I heart LSF. Well, it is Valentine’s Day! So, if i am posting about one of the best, sweatiest, and energetic rock bands on the planet, why oh why is it about their old single i hear you say again! The reason being, they only finished the bloody video! So, for everyone’s viewing pleasure, below is the video to LSF’s previous single – What Would Wolves Do? – finally!

Perfect timing by the guys, as they are just about to release their new single, Patty Lee. I posted about it a few weeks ago so no need to go into that again. Although, rather than putting up the video, it’s worth mentioning their recent Conan O’Brian performance of the new song. Tim Harrington is up to his usual antics again, it’s worth a look.
The one bit of concrete LSF news I can inform you about is the re-release of their 18 track singles collection – Inches – by Wichita Recording, due in early March. Well worth investing in, for a general overview of their career, if you’re new to the band.

There are rumours about a Dublin date, but I didn’t say that. You heard it elsewhere.

Screw it, here’s the Conan clip, enjoy!


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Ta an athas orm

    1. irishblogawards1.gif

      So the votes were cast, and the judges had their say. I’m still quite shocked, but it seems I’ve made the shortlist for this year’s Irish Blog Awards. IPTOR has managed to sneak it’s way into the category of Best Music Blog??!!

      All I can say is thank you to anyone who voted for me, and the judges that deemed this little blog worthy of a nomination. My thanks to Damien – especially for fixing my address – and the sponsors of this award also.
      I’m still relatively new to this blog thing, but I’ve enjoyed it immensely since I began. As my profile says, I’m just trying to share the wealth and spread the love. There’s so much great music out there, and not all of it gets the attention it deserves, so I hope I’ve shed some light on new/small artists or songs.
      Blogs are a huge source of information for me – Irish and international. I learn as much about music from Nialler, Pedro, Red, Sinead, Jim, Ronan, Matt, etc, than I do from any paper, magazine, radio or TV show.
      I hope anybody that has read my blog has picked up a couple of recommendations or unearthed a few gems, as I have over the last few years from blogs.
      A big thank you to everyone who has ever read this blog, linked to it, or commented on it. It’s really appreciated. And best of luck to all the nominees!

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      Le Loup – February 21st in Crawdaddy


      Once again the gig diary is starting to fill up. My boys and gals- Los Campesinos! – are playing tonight in The Village. What a weird night Saturday was, you really had to be there. It was a surreal moment watching Louis Walsh sing their new single back to them after their performance on Tubridy Tonight. Watch out for the next issue of NME – they were there to capture the whole thing – all will be revealed I imagine.


      I’m gonna try and take it easy for the next few weeks, but one thing I won’t be missing is Le Loup’s first Dublin show, on February 21st in Crawdaddy. I’ve posted about them a few times before, as their debut album was one of my favourites last year. Still no sign of a video for any singles, but there’s a link here to their myspace. They don’t have Planes Like Vultures up there – arguably the best track on the album – but you can check it out here, on the Instrumental Analysis blog. I forgot to post this at the time, so below is my TD review of their album from a few months back.

      Le Loup – The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly (Memphis Industries).

      In the short period of time since this anonymous little record landed on my desk, a lot has been said about Le Loup. This seven piece from D.C. originally numbered only one – Sam Simkoff wrote and recorded all of The Throne with methodical precision, after relocating from Portland. Also, much has been made of the title and the subject matter – all those allusions to Dante’s Inferno and artist James Hampton. But it’s too easy to search for clues here, or make tenuous assumptions based on these factors and insignificant talking points. The only relevant question is whether The Throne is any good. It is good, very good in fact, and one of the finest debuts of 2007. Opener Canto I bristles with multiple layers of looping banjo and a cacophony of tin pot percussion, all bound together by spoken word samples. Planes Like Vultures (undoubtedly one of the songs of the year) typifies Simkoff’s unique approach to song writing and arrangement, albeit straight from the ‘one man in his bedroom’ school of composition. Loops of Simkoff’s vocal build and layer intricately, joined by a quirky beat that evolves and propels the song towards the dramatic introduction of major chords. This song, and most of the album is clearly the work and vision of one man (constructed almost like a techno track). In fact, I would wager that The Throne could not have been written by a group of musicians. This is a good thing, as the limiting factors that Simkoff faced whilst writing and recording this album inevitably shaped its unique nature. Comparisons with Sufjan Stevens are inevitable and unavoidable I suppose because of his voice, the banjos, and pianos, but Simkoff’s sound is more contemporary- blending synths, vocal effects, and drum machines with more traditional instrumentation to beautiful effect. The Throne is conclusive proof of the abundant talent and potential of Simkoff and Co.

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      Holy Fuck – Live in Whelans


      One of the best bands to come out of Canada in recent times, Holy Fuck finally make space in their calendar for a Dublin show. You can catch them in Whelans on April 10th, and Mandela Hall in Belfast on April 9th. It’s worth investing in their albums well before the shows, as you’ll be dazzled and floored by the sheer power and energy of their recordings. Have a listen to some tracks here. I imagine they are one of those ‘you gotta see ’em live’ kind of bands. I reviewed their latest album a few months ago for TD, and here it is again.

      Holy Fuck – LP (Young Turks)

      With so many bands adding a ! to their name these days, you’d wonder why these guys didn’t seize the chance, they’re well and truly justified in doing so – given their stage name and the quality of their new album, LP. Holy Fuck hail from that current hotbed of talent, Canada. However, they share little with the current crop of Canucks taking over the world of indie music. Relative black sheep of the Toronto independent scene, Holy Fuck have more in common with the Krautrock movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Their lo-fi, experimental approach to composition sets them apart from recent successes such as Arcade Fire, Stars, and Broken Social Scene – although BSS producer Dave Newfeld is responsible for many of their early recordings and some contained here. Holy Fuck’s sound is a clear homage to Komische Music luminaries such as Can, Neu!, and Cluster, but it is cleverly updated and contemporised in a manner similar to bands such as Trans Am and Super Numeri. Opening track Super Inuit is recorded live, capturing the energy, ingenuity, and experimentation of HF, while other tracks such as Frenchy’s and Echo Sam display a competent level of studio trickery and improvisation. With two fulltime members (Graham Walsh and Brian Borcherdt) and a host of collaborators lifted from the Dependent Music collective, Holy Fuck have earned the label, ‘Toronto’s evil supergroup’. Their reputation as an intense, inventive live act has secured them several festival appearances, and rave reviews. HF tend to favour the traditional instrumental approach, forsaking vocals on all but one track. Relentless live drumming, with impeccable precision is cleverly balanced by drum machine explosions, and free-form synthesised workouts. 9 tracks of pure raw energy and dripping emotion come to an abrupt end after only 37 minutes, leaving the listener yearning for more. It’s very rare that a band comes along and improves on a sound that is largely recognised as being perfected more than 30 years ago, but Holy Fuck really have achieved this. It’s high time they added that ! to the end of their name.

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      Lykke Li – Youth Novels


      As I work with a bunch of Swedish people, this one has been practically unavoidable. I’ve listened to them swoon and pontificate at length about this girl for some time now. It seems nowadays, everybody that picks up a guitar in Sweden is destined to be the next big thing. Well, in this case it may just be true. Lykke Li has been busy putting the finishing touches to her debut album with the help of Bjorn Yttling, AKA Peter, Bjorn & John. After doing such an amazing job on Victoria Bergsman’s debut – Taken By Trees – he returns to add some delicious, stripped down, no nonsense bubblegum-pop magic to a batch of songs from an artist as talented and quirky as our own Cathy Davey. So it comes as no surprise that trendy upstarts, Moshi Moshi Records have picked her up a song for their singles club. Remember Kate Nash anyone? The first single is out on Friday and the album came out in Sweden a few days ago, but no Irish date yet. The wonderful Said The Gramophone blog has a few tracks here. The single is ‘Little Bit’, but if you only check out one song, then listen to ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’. If you like that, then come back here for the video to the new single, below.

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      Carl Craig Sessions


      Good news for all you Carl Craig enthusiasts out there. Arguably one of the few old-school producers still worthy of the title maverick, Craig is set to release a 2 CD mix of unreleased tracks, alternative versions of old classics, and some Obscure Remixes!! Geddit?

      The tracklisting goes something like this –

      Session 01

      01 Directions – Busted Trees (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)
      02 Junior Boys – Like a Child (Carl Craig Remix)
      03 Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)
      04 Chez Damier – Help Myself (Reconstructed By Carl Craig)
      05 Paperclip People – Throw (Unreleased Version)
      06 Beanfield – Tides (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)
      07 Paperclip People – Clear and Present
      08 Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix)
      09 Cesaria Evora – Angola (Carl Craig’s Mix)
      10 Francesco Tristano – The Melody (Carl Craig Remix)
      11 Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom – Revelee (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)

      Session 02

      01 69 – Rushed (Original Version)
      02 69 – Psychobeat (Previously Unreleased)
      03 Xpress2 – Kill 100 (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)
      04 Tres Demented – Demented (Or Just Crazy) (Original Version)
      05 Faze Action – In the Trees (Unreleased Carl Craig Remix)
      06 Tres Demented – Brainfreeze (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)
      07 Carl Craig – Futurelovetheme (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)
      08 Carl Craig – Sandstorms (Original Version)
      09 Innerzone Orchestra – Bug in the Bass Bin (Carl Craig ‘Sessions’ Remix)

      For an overview of Craig’s career, head over here to Resident Advisor.

      Carl Craig was possibly the last dj I went to see – excluding festivals. I’m normally the guy at the back of the bar that’s a little bit too cool for school, and generally unimpressed by gigs like this. But I have to say, he really shone that night. By the time he dropped Ame’s Rej, I was already clambering towards the stage – knocking girls in high heels and shiny silver dresses out of my way like they were bowling pins – in my singular pursuit of a spot on the podium. I know, I know. Not big, and not clever. I’ll be reliving that unfortunate moment, and many more like it come release day, February 22nd.

      Question – Why do so many techno producers have no myspace, or a profile without music?

      As is the case with Mr Craig, he leaves me no option but to link to someone else. Have a listen to Mr Alex Smoke instead, Glasgow’s finest purveyor of all things minimal, and one of my favourite remixers of the last few years. His remix of the wonderful Junior Boys – In The Morning – still sounds amazing. Have a listen here. It’s so subtle and beautifully understated, yet still sounds really pounding and hypnotic on the dancefloor.

      Also, watch out for Dublin shows from Gui Boratto and Ricardo Villalobos, both on May 4th I believe. I’ll be A – At the bar, or B – On the podium. See you there!

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      Fabrik ticket giveaway

      If the Wolfgang Flur post interested you in any way, then this could be your lucky day. First person to mail iprefertheobscureremix@gmail.com with the correct answer to this question – What seminal German electronica band was Flur a member of in the 70’s and 80’s? – wins themselves a pair of tickets to the show on February 14th in The Tivoli.

      Is there a better way to spend Valentine’s Day I hear you say? Get mailing!

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      Wolfgang Flur, he was a robot


      Dublin hosts a new night in the Tivoli Theatre called Fabrik, and it just might be worth sticking Feb 14th in your diary – especially if you’re a fan of all things electro and pop. Ex-Kraftwerk member, Wolfgang Flur is headlining a bill that contains local electropop maestro’s Neosupervital (live set), and dj sets from Anni Hogan and Dave Ball (Soft Cell/The Grid). Flur was instrumental in many classic Kraftwerk recordings, and contributed significantly to the creation of their legendary studio, Kling Klang. Flur now records under the Yamo moniker, and was also the author of the contentious Kraftwerk autobiography, I Was A Robot.

      Tickets are €12 in advance, from www.tivoli.ie or www.tickets.ie

      I’ve never forgiven myself for missing those Kraftwerk shows in The Olympia, but I did make up for it by catching them at the Electric Picnic a few years ago. I completely lost my mind at the gig, it was amazing. I’m a little bit sketchy on the exact details, but I lost my voice for two days so it’s safe to say I played a blinder! I do recall this being a particular favourite on the night though – Radioactivity, taken from the Kraftwerk DVD, Minimum-Maximum.

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      This Will Destroy You


      Yesterday I spoke to Forever Presents about their triumphant Explosions in the Sky gig on Saturday in Tripod. In passing, a band called This Will Destroy You were mentioned, who’ve just released an album on Magic Bullet Records. It was one of those ‘well if you like that, you might like this’ kind of conversations. So I went straight to their myspace to check them out, and was totally blown away. I got onto eMusic and bought their album and EP (which is an album really) immediately. Cheers B, bring ’em over!

      This Will Destroy You are a 4-piece post-rock band from Texas – also home to EITS – and have alot in common with their neighbours, along with Mogwai, The Album Leaf, and Jeniferever. Their myspace has 5 tracks from both releases. The EP/LP, Young Mountain was released in 2006, their new self-titled album is out 2 days.

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      Islands return with details of a new album, and an Irish date


      Return to the Sea – the debut album from Montreal band Islands – still receives heavy rotation on the stereo over at IPTOR HQ. So it delights and excites me no end to announce that Islands return with their sophomore release Arm’s Way, via Rough Trade Records on April 18th. Rising from the ashes of 3 piece indie band The Unicorns, Messrs Thorburn and Thompson reconvened to release one of the finest avant-pop records of 2006. However, history repeated itself once more, and Jamie Thompson announced his departure from the band later that same year. So it’s left to Nicholas ‘Nick Diamonds’ Thorburn to return under the Islands moniker, with a host of new faces in tow. You can have a sneak preview of new song The Arm, from the forthcoming album here. If you’re new to Islands have a listen to Swans, also contained on their myspace. Glorious leftfield pop, with more twists and turns than a Hitchcock thriller. The video below is for Rough Gem, also taken from their debut album.

      Convinced? Well you won’t have too long to wait to see them live. Forever Presents – the independent promoters that put on the incredible Explosions in the Sky gig last Saturday in Tripod – bring Islands to Dublin for a show in February, Monday the 18th in Whelan’s. See you down the front!

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