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Les Savy Fav – What Would Wolves Do?


Will he ever get tired of posting about this band I hear you say. In truth, probably not. Suffice to say, I heart LSF. Well, it is Valentine’s Day! So, if i am posting about one of the best, sweatiest, and energetic rock bands on the planet, why oh why is it about their old single i hear you say again! The reason being, they only finished the bloody video! So, for everyone’s viewing pleasure, below is the video to LSF’s previous single – What Would Wolves Do? – finally!

Perfect timing by the guys, as they are just about to release their new single, Patty Lee. I posted about it a few weeks ago so no need to go into that again. Although, rather than putting up the video, it’s worth mentioning their recent Conan O’Brian performance of the new song. Tim Harrington is up to his usual antics again, it’s worth a look.
The one bit of concrete LSF news I can inform you about is the re-release of their 18 track singles collection – Inches – by Wichita Recording, due in early March. Well worth investing in, for a general overview of their career, if you’re new to the band.

There are rumours about a Dublin date, but I didn’t say that. You heard it elsewhere.

Screw it, here’s the Conan clip, enjoy!

February 14, 2008 - Posted by | Les Savy Fav

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