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This Will Destroy You


Yesterday I spoke to Forever Presents about their triumphant Explosions in the Sky gig on Saturday in Tripod. In passing, a band called This Will Destroy You were mentioned, who’ve just released an album on Magic Bullet Records. It was one of those ‘well if you like that, you might like this’ kind of conversations. So I went straight to their myspace to check them out, and was totally blown away. I got onto eMusic and bought their album and EP (which is an album really) immediately. Cheers B, bring ’em over!

This Will Destroy You are a 4-piece post-rock band from Texas – also home to EITS – and have alot in common with their neighbours, along with Mogwai, The Album Leaf, and Jeniferever. Their myspace has 5 tracks from both releases. The EP/LP, Young Mountain was released in 2006, their new self-titled album is out 2 days.

February 1, 2008 Posted by | Explosions in the Sky, Forever Presents, Magic Bullet Records, This Will Destroy You | 2 Comments