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I remember a time when the most comforting antidote to a Sunday hangover was The Observer Music Monthly. But the standard/content has rapidly gone downhill over the year. Yes, once we get to December we can expect the usual charts and polls that we’re all guilty of, but I’m quite surprised by their choice of features/interviews. Is it just me, or has it turned into Smash Hits? An Arctic Monkey photo diary, a Radiohead interview by the fans, Miranda Sawyer’s gushing piece on Amy Winehouse, and Mika….MIKA, as Man of the Year?! Do i care for pictures of Alex Turner on the beach? No. Is it time we stopped talking about Amy Winehouse? Of course, stop looking for the new Pete Doherty. Letting a bunch of fan(atic)s interview their favourite band isn’t really gonna enlighten us any further on the subject, it’s downright boring. As for Mika, I’m just lost for words. I don’t understand how we can live in a world where 4 million people think this stuff passes for music, and are willing to part with the price of a CD for it – a far more baffling and larger statistic than the number of people who downloaded In Rainbows for free. Am I the only person who finds that ‘Big girl, you are beautiful’ song really patronizing and totally calculated? I could argue with the Album and Single charts but what’s the point, it’s all subjective, and as valid as the next chart or poll. But I did expect more from the rest of the mag. Even the quiz provided little respite, I was baffled most of the time.


They also printed a current chart of UK bestselling albums for the year 2007, which is unlikely to change between now and Christmas.

1. Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

2. Mika – Life In Cartoon Motion

3. Take That – Beautiful World

4. Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare

5. Leona Lewis – Spirit

6. Kaiser Chiefs – Yours Truly Angry Mob

7. Snow Patrol – Eyes Open

8. Nelly Furtado – Loose

9. Mark Ronson – Version

10. Justin Timberlake – Future Sex/Lovesounds

So what a year it was! Out of the 10 bestselling albums, 5 were actually released in 2006. Of the other 5, Ronson’s record is a collection of cover versions, Leona Lewis is an X-Factor contestant, Arctic Monkeys are the only band signed to an indie label, Kaiser Chiefs probably sold way less than their debut Employment did, and the other one is bloody Mika.

I despair, I really do. Music…RIP, or should that be rip music.

Actually, I own 3 of these albums, and they’re great!


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