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Back soon folks….


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Daedelus – Fair Weather Friends

How cute is this?

To be honest, I can’t take the credit for uncovering it, props to Nolwenn and Jane for unearthing this little gem. Daedelus – yes, correct spelling – is due to play Whelans on April 12th. The guys were looking for interesting live acts to cover, and this seems worthy of a mention. I’ll plead ignorance and admit that this one is new to me. Maybe I’m getting old and losing my touch. Next I’ll be saying that music just doesn’t sound like it used to. The stuff that kids listen to these days, it all sounds like noise to me!
Enjoy, great song and vid.

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Young Galaxy – Come And See

Anyone still interested in Canada or Arts & Crafts?
I’ve been away so maybe the backlash already started in my absence. It’s inevitable really. Actually, here’s a thought, why don’t we get the jump on everybody at SXSW and start it now?
It’s just a shame that it might happen on Young Galaxy’s watch. Still relatively unknown around these parts – criminally – YG actually have alot going for themselves. Is it classic indie, Canuck style? Yes, but the reference points hit all the right spots. There are slices of Spiritualized, pieces of MBV, parts of Mercury Rev, a twist of Galaxy 500, and a dash of a whole host of other indie heavyweights on their self-titled debut album – in all good record stores now. Their new single – Come And See – has just hit the interweb, and should be heading for every indie conscious playlist in April no doubt. Here’s a sneak preview.

Current Mood: Missing Brooklyn

Current Listening: Booka Shade – Charlotte (from their forthcoming The Sun & The Neon Light album)

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Chequerboard – Penny Black

Well, I’m back!
Seven days in New York, the perfect antidote to all those blues and woes. Although I missed this little old blog I have to say, so it’s good to be back. I’ll hopefully step up the posts now, and quit moaning about having no time. I’m sure the award winning Nialler – congrats! – has been keeping you up to date anyway.
So, what have I learnt in the last week?
Well, New York is warmer than Ireland at this time of year. American free pour drinks are dangerous, but fun! The Slits get better and better live with every drink (see previous comment). The new Kelley Polar album sounds great. Walking across Brooklyn bridge is really beautiful, and not that hard if you suffer from vertigo. The Pistons rule, and the Knicks suck. You can’t smoke outside in a queue for a club?! No matter where you go, you’ll always bump into someone that knows a mate of yours, fact! Brooklyn kicks Manhattan’s ass.

Here’s a very brief look towards the future. I’m going through a big techno phase again, so I’m really looking forward to the Michael Mayer dj set this Sunday, and Ricardo Villalobos on May 3rd.
Albums I can’t wait to get my hands on are m83, Jamie Lidell, Holy Ghost, Kelley Polar, Esse Jain, and Notwist.
I was foaming at the mouth in a previous post about the new Chequerboard album on Lazybird Records. Below is my review for Totally Dublin. Penny Black is a real triumph. John Lambert deserves all the credit (and Choice nominations) he gets.
Check out his myspace if you like the sound of the review.

Chequerboard – Penny Black [Lazybird Records]

Time is a precious commodity. Everything else, John Lambert has in abundance. Already a gifted guitarist, exceptional producer, and talented graphic artist, Lambert found that time in the guise of a music fellowship, awarded courtesy of the Model Arts & Niland Gallery. A year spent in Sligo has yielded Penny Black – a momentous album of arresting beauty and depth. Lambert signalled his intent last year with the re-release of his colourfully textured Dictaphone Showreels EP, and Penny Black elaborates on this template, exploring and challenging Lambert’s ability as an accomplished musician, composer, and producer. From the opening track – also entitled Penny Black – the sheer extent of this exploration becomes apparent. Layers of undulating guitar lines shift and reverse, amidst a backdrop of rich electronic instrumentation and sparse, distant percussion. The latter half of the song is transformed by a sudden downpour of rain and an oblique vocal sample – found sounds and field recordings that echo Lambert’s solitary location during the making of this record. Within one song – and on several occasions throughout the album – Chequerboard invokes the spirit of Bola, The Books, Boards of Canada, and countless other electroacoustic innovators, but arguably with a superior display of technical ability and musicianship. There can be a tendency for music of this nature to drift anonymously into the background, but Penny Black never succumbs to such pitfalls. The nine tracks contained – in particular Skating Ground, Konichiwa, 20th Century Artillery, and Prince August – are simply too captivating, making it virtually impossible to resist further engagement or closer examination. Chequerboard’s music avoids the familiar, unnecessary or incidental, making this a defiant, deliberate and complete collection of beautiful songs. Penny Black is definitive proof that the time and effort invested by Lambert in his craft has produced a work of real importance. Invest some of your own time in this masterpiece.

See also: Boards of Canada – The Campfire Headphase (Warp Records), Bola – Soup (Skam Records), The Books – Lost and Safe (Tomlab).

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Noze – Remember Love


Tune of the week? Month? Year?

I know, it was released last year, and the hook is lifted off Technotronic. But i still can’t help but get excited about it every time I hear it.

The reason I’m posting about this track now, is that Noze have a new album on the way. It just landed on my desk this morning. Songs On The Rocks will be released on Get Physical, April 25th. I’ll post more about the album once I can actually settle down and listen to it in full, rather than putting this on constant repeat.


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Where does the time go to?

I’ll tell you where.

1. Minding hyperactive, but unbelievably cute puppies while friends are away.

2. Deadlines!

3. Six Nations rugby.

4. Chasing around after puppies, and generally entertaining them (not to mention myself).

5. Soundchecking for the Choice Music Prize.

6. More deadlines!

7. Making an album.

8. Work. Normal everyday 9-5 work (this does not include deadlines).

9. Gigs in Dublin.

10. Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and worrying about finding the time to do all of the above.

Of all the weeks I wanted to blog, this was it. There is so much happening I don’t know where to start. The Choice Music Prize is this Wednesday. By this time tomorrow I’ll hopefully be sipping from a bottle of the cheapest champagne known to humanity. Thursday night, a rare appearance on the wheels of steel at a secret location – I don’t want anyone showing up to have a laugh at my mixing skills – they probably don’t even call them wheels of steel anymore. Friday night, Menomena in the Sugar Club, one of the best bands on the planet – unmissable! Saturday night, the Irish Blog Awards! How I managed this one I’ll never know. Sunday, I hit New York for 7 days!

So, what has been happening? Well, the 10 points above should be sufficient explanation, but during this time I’ve also learnt a thing or two. Puppies are experts in the art of manipulation. I sound very unhealthy on the radio. I cannot watch the Eduardo tackle. My parents do not understand what a blog is. My inability to use apostrophes correctly, frustrates sleepy people. John Lambert – aka Chequerboard – is set to release an album of immense scope and beauty. Autechre are not, their music has become infuriating. The Black Dog are still flying the flag for mid-nineties electronica – Radio Scarecrow is a welcome trip down memory lane (Ultramack upstairs in The Funnel anyone?). MGMT are charlatans – emperor’s new clothes (is that correct usage of an apostrophe?). Swimming is hard when you’re only learning – woggles are inhibitive! Smoking, and not being able to give up is embarrassing, and also inhibits swimming. Appearing on TV is both petrifying and exciting in equal measures, but oddly amusing and trivial in the grand scheme of things.

I’ve given far too much away, I know. That happens when you’re deprived of access to a very cathartic outlet such as this blog. I’m not one for the personal slant (unless it revolves around music), but I’ll make an exception this time. I’ll hopefully bump into some of you at the events listed above. Or you can merely point and ridicule if you prefer.

And if you don’t believe me about Chequerboard, have a listen here. His music is stunning!

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Junior Boys – Body Language


Another one of IPTOR’s favourites, Canadian indie/electro/pop duo Junior Boys are set to release their first mix album, for the Get Physical label Body Language series. It’s been on the stereo most of the day, and it’s a real corker! The tracklisting reads as follows –

  1. Sorcerer – Surfing At Midnight (Prins Thomas Miks)
  2. Supermayer – Saturndays
  3. Chelonis R. Jones – Deer In The Headlights (DJ Hell Remix)
  4. Love Nine – Feedback
  5. Kreon & Lemos Feat. Feeboy – Fola
  6. Kelley Polar – Rosenband (Magic Tim’s Instrumental Version)
  7. Steadycam – In The Moog For Love
  8. Radio Slave – Screaming Hands (Cosmo Vitelli Radioaktivitat Remix)
  9. Studio – Life’s A Beach! (Todd Terje Beach House Mix)
  10. Gui.tar – Love Started To Shine
  11. Stereo Image – Dark Chapter
  12. Matthew Dear – You Know What I Would Do
  13. Pushé – Don’t Take Your Love Away
  14. Visage – I’m Still Searching
  15. Junior Boys – No Kinda Man
  16. Rework – Love Love Love Yeah (Chloé Remix)
  17. f0st3r – bl3w r0d30 d3m0
  18. Chloé – Be Kind To Me
  19. Bill Nelson – When Your Dream Of Perfect Beauty Comes True

The release date is February 29th, and there should be a tour to back it up in the next few months. Watch this space. To play us out, here’s the video of the first single from their excellent album So This Is Goodbye on Domino Records, called In The Morning. I linked to the Alex Smoke remix a few weeks ago, as it is one of my favourite remixes of the last few years. The original track is a deliciously funky piece of electro pop, and also rather fine.

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Prinzhorn Dance School – Crackerjack Docker

Another night spent trawling through the net unearthed this forgotten gem. Signed to the ultra hip DFA Records, Prinzhorn Dance School are somewhat of an enigma. Not much is known about Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn, as they rarely grant interviews. At the time of their debut album release, the only other person with anything good to say about the band was Mr ‘finger on the pulse’ Jim Carroll. The downside of being signed to a trendy label like DFA or Mute is that they go through EMI, and if not deemed a priority, they generally don’t get the attention or coverage they deserve. So PDS’s self-titled debut got very little attention, and was mainly slated in publications for being derivative, retro, and singular in its intent. Basically, most people didn’t get it. The beauty of PDS is their simplicity. Each song ruthlessly discards all the meaningless fluff, breaking songs down to a minimum of sheer necessity, yet still appearing compelling – no mean feat. Like some of the best pop music or punk, the emphasis is not on instrumentation or musicianship – adopting the theory of less is more. Therefore, the real beauty lies within that simplicity. For proof, check out their video for the single Crackerjack Docker. You may hate it, you may think they’re a pale imitation of The Fall, you may even think you can do better, but I guarantee you’ll still be humming it when you’re out tonight. Don’t be deceived by The Kills, PDS are far superior.

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MBV & M83

So news is spreading quicker than a Dwain Chambers 60m sprint – My Bloody Valentine are confirmed for this year’s Electric Picnic. Sign me up! Having missed out on Glasgow tickets, it’s a welcome relief to know I’ll finally catch them. Please put them in a tent, late! MBV are arguably one of the few bands truly worthy of the enormous, obscene amounts of cash currently being thrown at retired acts to reform. The Verve anyone? Why bother? Having worn out my copy of Loveless on vinyl, and scratched the beejaysus out of my Isn’t Anything CD – that album is now twenty years old!! – it’ll be nice to have something new to add to the MBV experience. Most fans/anoraks like myself have been reduced to watching endless re-runs of that Rapido feature on youtube, or videos such as this below.

Not a million miles away (in many respects), Anthony Gonzales is preparing for the release of his new album on April 15th, entitled Saturdays=Youth. M83 – no longer a duo – are clearly one of a number of bands raised on a steady diet of MBV, albeit with a more electronic slant. It’s judgement day for Gonzalez here at IPTOR HQ, as I feel he has been slightly off target with his last two albums. Although they contained moments of staggering beauty, I can’t help but feel something was lost in the split, when Gonzales parted company with Nicolas Fromageau following a stressful tour. For me, Dead Cities, Red Seas, Lost Souls is still the definitive M83 record. But here’s hoping Saturdays=Youth lives up to expectation. Gonzales is clearly hotting up for the release, as an M83 youtube channel has just been created, containing some videos of previous singles. No doubt there’s a new one on the way. Watch this space. To play us out, here’s the video to a track off Dead Cities – Run Into Flowers.

Would this song even exist had it not been for MBV?

You decide.

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Nice spot!


Calling all Dan Deacon fans. Head on over to the Thrill Pier site now: he has posted a link to download all of Deacon’s back catalogue – pre Spiderman of the Rings album anyway – and they are all free and legal, courtesy of Dan himself.

Well spotted Thrill.

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